Greek island hopping guide

How to get to Greece and around Greece?

There are multiple flights per day from the UK to Greece. For island hopping there are options.

Take a flight to Athens, spend a day or two soaking up the capital, visiting the acropolis and other sites. When you are ready to leave you can take the train to Piraeus port, which is Europe’s biggest passenger port and a main hub for island ferries. Piraeus offers ferries to Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and many more. Just make sure that you book your travel ahead and time your flight arrival and ferry departure within a suitable timeframe.

Alternatively, you could fly from the UK to direct to one of the islands and start your island hopping adventure there.

Once in Greece, you can either fly from island to island or use local ferries both of which would require pre booking.

Which Greek islands should you visit?

There are numerous Greek islands, each offering unique experiences. Understanding what each island offers in terms of culture, scenery, and activities can help narrow down choices.

Crete is perfect for history lovers with attractions such as the Minoan Palace at Knossos, Spinalonga, and lake Voulismeni. The local legend is that the lake is bottomless. The waters appear black due to the depth of it. It was also said the German army disposed weapons at the bottom of the lake before leaving the area at the end of WW2. The tv fans among you may remember the old bounty advert, which was filmed at Vai beach, Crete.

Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands. Explore the picturesque villages perched atop the caldera cliffs offering incredible views of the Aegean Sea and the famous Santorini sunset. Visit Oia with its charming, white-washed buildings, including the famous blue-domed churches. Visit Santorini's beaches, such as Red Beach or Kamari Beach, where you can unwind on volcanic shores and swim in crystalline waters. A wine tour through the island's vineyards introduces Santorini's renowned wines, cultivated in volcanic soil, while sampling local varieties and enjoying panoramic views. Discover Santorini's ancient history and culture at Akrotiri Archaeological Site.

Corfu is a blend of historical charm and natural beauty. Explore the cobblestone streets of Corfu Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enriched with the Old and New Fortresses and the inviting Liston Promenade. Visit Achilleion Palace, neoclassical elegance, surrounded by lush gardens and panoramic vistas. Relax on one of Corfu's pristine beaches.

When is the best time to go to Greece?

May, early June, and September tend to be warm, mostly sunny and not too hot. Greek islands can experience very high temperatures in July & August which can make it feel uncomfortable. April and October can be quite rainy and October being the end of season is best avoided.

What is the cost?

Cost can be influenced by month, accommodation choice, transportation choice and availability, dining, and additional activities.

Do you need to book accommodation in advance?

Booking accommodations in advance can provide peace of mind, especially during peak seasons when availability may be limited.

What should you pack?

When island hopping you might want to read our minimalist packing tips so that you have less to carry round on flights and ferries.

How much time should you spend on each island?

Determining the ideal duration for each island visit is personal preference. Influencing factors can include flight/ferry schedules, attractions you plan on visiting and the number of relaxing pool or beach days you prefer.

Travel insurance for Greek island hopping

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