Travel insurance for Channel Island residents

Our travel insurance policies are available to residents of the Channel Islands

For the purpose of our travel insurance cover, we define the United Kingdom as the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, BFPO and the Channel Islands.

To be eligible for travel insurance cover, you must:

  • have resided within the United Kingdom for no less than 6 months,
  • have not spent more than 6 months abroad in the year prior to purchasing the policy,
  • have a permanent United Kingdom address.
  • be registered with a United Kingdom General Practitioner.

Cover must be purchased and effective before you leave the United Kingdom.

Channel Island residents: Travel insurance FAQ

Can you insure residents of the Channel Islands?

Yes, our travel insurance can cover residents of the UK, BFPO, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Do you cover residents of any Channel Island?

Yes, we can cover residents of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark

Does your travel insurance cover repatriation back to the Channel Islands?

Yes, if receiving emergency medical treatment abroad means that you are unable to return home on your pre-booked transport, we will arrange alternative transport for you back to the Channel Islands, this could be on an alternative scheduled public transport, with a medical escort, or by air ambulance, depending on what is deemed necessary.

Will I get charged UK tax when I buy travel insurance even though I live in the Channel Islands?

No, if you reside in the Channel Islands and have a permanent Channel Islands address, and your trip starts from the Channel Islands and returns to the Channel Islands you won’t be charged UK insurance premium tax when you buy travel insurance from us.