Sports and activities

Planning on doing any kind of sport or adventurous activity whilst you are on holiday? it’s important to check your travel insurance to make sure that you will be covered for your chosen activity.

Travel insurance cover for hazardous sports and activities

If you are planning on doing any kind of sport or adventurous activity whilst you are on holiday, it’s important to check your travel insurance first.

Make sure that you will be covered when taking part in your chosen activity.

Total Travel Protection provides travel insurance cover for a number of sports and activities as standard. Including trekking up to 2000 metres, sailing within 12 nautical miles of shore and glass bottomed boat trips.

For individuals aged 75 and under, additional cover can also be added for more hazardous activities such as hot air ballooning, safaris and cycle touring.

What activities are covered?

Category A activities are covered as standard on all policies.

Categories B and C can be added for an additional premium.

You can view the full list of activities in our policy wording, as well as on the additional options page when you get a quotation.

Our cover for hazardous activities

Adding the appropriate level of activity cover will extend the Curtailment and Medical Expenses sections of your policy to provide cover whilst taking part in the activities listed under the following conditions:

  • You must be taking part for recreational purposes only
  • The activity must be incidental (not the sole purpose) to your trip.
  • You must ensure the activity is adequately supervised and that appropriate safety equipment (such as protective headwear, life jackets etc.) is worn at all times.
  • No cover is provided for taking part in competitions or in any professional capacity.

Please note. You will not be covered for Personal Liability, whilst taking part in hazardous activities or sports.

Terms and conditions apply: The full terms and conditions of this cover are available in our policy wording.

Cover for hazardous activities can be added to our Silver, Gold and Platinum policies

Hazardous sports and activities FAQ

Is there an age limit to cover for sports and activities?

The activities listed in category A, which are included as standard on all policies have no upper age limit. Additional cover for more the hazardous activities in categories B and C is only available to individuals aged 75 and under.

Why do I need extra travel insurance cover for some sports and activities?

Our standard travel insurance is designed to cover a regular holiday abroad, where you might be relaxing on the beach, or sightseeing.

Taking part in some sports and activities, such as hot air ballooning, going on a safari or cycle touring are considerably riskier than sitting on a sun lounger or visiting a museum.

There is a higher chance of you having an accident, needing medical attention, and making a claim. Therefore, we charge an extra premium to cover certain hazardous sports and activities.

What happens if I have an accident whilst taking part in an activity which is not covered?

If you have an accident whilst taking part in a sport or activity which isn’t covered by your travel insurance your medical bills would not be covered.

You could find yourself facing medical bills which can quickly amount to many thousands of pounds.