How to cover multiple destinations in one policy

Planning a trip to visit multiple destinations is exciting and offers the opportunity to explore different cultures, landscapes, and experiences.

However, when it comes to travel insurance, navigating cover for multiple destinations can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, Total Travel Protection make it easy to secure comprehensive cover for your multi-destination journey.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to cover more than one destination on a single trip travel insurance policy with Total Travel Protection:

Step 1: Understand your travel itinerary

Before you begin searching for travel insurance, take some time to map out your trip itinerary. Identify all the countries you plan to visit, along with their respective durations and any specific activities you'll be engaging in. Having a clear understanding of your travel plans will help you determine the level of coverage you need for each destination.

Step 2: Visit Total Travel Protection

Total Travel Protection offers policies tailored to multi-destination travel. We also do medical screening differently so you might even get a better quote.

Step 3: Input your travel details

Once you are on the Total Travel Protection website, it's time to input your travel details. Start by selecting whether or not you will be taking a cruise and then continue. Enter the first destination in the "What country are you traveling to?" box.

After inputting the details for your first destination, look for the orange button to "Add Another Country". Click on this option and repeat the process for each subsequent destination on your itinerary.

You will then be taken through the medical screening process and on to the quotation page.

Step 4: Review and customise your policy

Review your policy details carefully to ensure accuracy. Take this opportunity to customise your cover based on the specific needs of each destination, such as adding coverage for adventure activities or extending medical coverage in remote areas.

After reviewing and customising your policy, proceed to finalise your purchase. Double-check all the information provided, including travel dates, destinations, medical condition and coverage limits, to avoid any potential issues later. Once satisfied, complete the transaction and make note of any policy documents or confirmation emails for future reference.

Step 5: Keep your policy handy

Throughout your travels, it's essential to keep a copy of your insurance policy and emergency contact information readily accessible. Store digital copies on your smartphone or cloud storage platform and carry a printed copy as a backup. In the event of an emergency or unexpected situation, having easy access to your policy details will expedite the claims process and ensure prompt assistance.

With comprehensive coverage in place, you can explore the world with confidence, knowing that you're protected against unforeseen events and emergencies wherever your journey takes you. Safe travels!