Understanding the cost travel insurance

Travel insurance is often seen as an additional expense, sometimes even surpassing the cost of flight tickets. However, this perspective disregards the invaluable protection that travel insurance offers. Let's explore why the price of travel insurance may seem high compared to flights and why it's a crucial investment for any journey. Travel insurance is crucial to protect the financial investment made in your holiday and to safeguard your finances against potentially large emergency medical expenses abroad.


The age of the traveller is a significant factor in travel insurance premiums. Older travellers often face increased health risks associated with age, leading to higher premiums to offset potential medical expenses during the trip.

Medical history:

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions face higher premiums because of the increased likelihood that they could require emergency treatment whilst away. At Total Travel Protection we do medical screening differently and you may get a better price!

Length of trip:

Longer trips typically involve higher premiums due to the extended period of cover required and increased likelihood of Illness.


The destination plays a crucial role in determining the cost of travel insurance. Healthcare costs vary significantly from one country to another, influencing the price of cover. Travelers visiting countries with higher medical expenses such as the USA may incur higher premiums to account for potential healthcare-related claims during their trip.

Level of cover chosen:

The extent of cover selected by the traveller also impacts the price of travel insurance. Comprehensive cover with a wide range of benefits, such as medical evacuation, trip cancellation, and baggage loss, comes at a higher cost compared to basic cover.