Travel insurance for HIV patients

Securing appropriate travel insurance is a critical aspect of trip planning for individuals living with HIV. Advancements in HIV treatment coupled with specialist medical travel insurers Total Travel Protection doing medical screening differently, means it is entirely possible for individuals with HIV to obtain comprehensive travel insurance that covers HIV-related claims.

You must disclose your HIV and all other pre-existing medical conditions when applying for travel insurance. Failure to do so will invalidate your cover and void any claim.

In relation to your HIV have your latest blood test results ready as you will need them to answer specific questions such as:

What was your latest viral load?

In the last six months, have you had any change to your antiretroviral treatment (ART) prescription?

Have you been advised to start antiviral treatment but chosen not to?

We also might ask for:

Your latest CD4 count?

We ask you these questions to be able to provide the best possible quote.

Tips for travelling with HIV

Check the entry requirements of the country that you plan to visit before booking your trip as a joint European initiative published by the International AIDS Society reports that as of 2023, 56 out of 200 countries are known to have entry regulations for people living with HIV, and seven of these countries will categorically refuse entry without exception.

There are also countries that restrict HIV medication – check the entry requirements before booking your trip and only visit countries where you can take your medication with you legally.

Some countries will require you to take a doctors certificate in English stating that your medication is require to treat a personal condition.

When travelling make sure that your HIV medication is in your hand luggage just in case your hold case goes missing.

Travel insurance

Remember Total Travel Protection do medical screening differently so you may get a better price.