How to pack for a cruise

If you’ve finally booked the cruise of your dreams, you should be looking forward with much excitement to your future holiday. You shouldn’t, on the other hand, be panicking and stressing over what to bring with you! To help you make the most of your holiday and ensure you avoid any unnecessary stress during what should be an exciting time, here are some top tips on how to pack for a cruise holiday.

How to pack for a cruise holiday

Think about your carry-on luggage

Before you start the task of packing your suitcase, you need to consider your first few hours on the cruise. If you're travelling to the port by plane, your suitcase will be taken off you like normal at the airport - the difference, however, is that you won't pick it up at the other side. Instead, it will be delivered to your cabin on the ship, which means you will most likely have to spend the first few hours of your cruise without your bags.

Therefore, consider what you’re planning to do first and pack some clothes in your carry-on accordingly. If you're heading somewhere hot and want to relax on deck, remember to bring your hat and sunglasses and anything you need for entertainment such as a book or camera.

For colder climates, you might want to make sure you pack some warmer layers. Don’t forget the other essentials like any medication you'll need to take while you’re waiting for your bags to be dropped off at your room.

Pack a range of clothing options

When on a cruise, the weather is never guaranteed, even if you've been checking the forecast before you go. If you’re heading to a warmer destination, you still want to make sure you pack a jumper or some warmer clothing for the evenings. If you want to explore the deck at night, it can quickly become chilly in the absence of the sun, so make sure you aren’t caught out and pack a jacket. Furthermore, if your cruise crosses the open sea, the strong wind and sea breeze can quickly turn into a chilling combination, so there's no harm in packing a few layers!

You will also want to consider your clothing for your visits to shore. Make sure you check the forecast of your destination so that you know what to expect and can pack accordingly. Additionally, if you’re planning on going on any sightseeing tours or doing a lot of walking, make sure to pack some comfortable footwear.

Bring your sleeping aids

While there are shops onboard a cruise ship, your options are much more limited than what they are on land, so it’s important to make sure you have everything you need when you board. If you're a light sleeper, sleeping aids will be a must.

Since there will be people moving around the ship at all times, there could be lots of noise when you’re trying to sleep. For this reason, it can be handy to bring an eye mask and ear plugs to avoid disturbances. Of course, everybody should be able to have fun, but ensuring you get a good night's sleep will mean you can enjoy your days and evenings to the fullest.

Anticipate seasickness

If you’ve been on a cruise before, you'll know how well you deal with choppy waters. If you’re not a regular seafarer, however, it could be worth packing some seasickness medication just in case. The last thing you want is to discover your susceptibility to the illness once you’re already aboard and have nothing to hand to help you out!

You could pack some anti-seasickness tablets or try a sea-band wristband, which provides nausea relief. Either way, make sure to come prepared as it could really ruin your holiday if you're unwell.

Leave some room in your case for souvenirs

Whenever you head off on holiday, one of the easiest things to forget is to leave space in your case for everything you might want to bring home! Going to fabulous and exotic destinations means it’s likely that there will be lots of new and exciting things you might buy and bring back. While you'll probably leave some things you brought with you behind (like empty toiletries), make sure you have some space for souvenirs - after all, we're certain you'll want to bring back some mementoes of your time in these wonderful places!

Don't forget your insurance documents

Once you’ve packed all the essentials above, something else you don’t want to set off on your cruise without is your travel insurance documents. While you hopefully won’t have to use them, travel insurance is important to have in the event of unforeseen circumstances which could see you require emergency treatment. After spending so much money on your dream holiday, it doesn’t seem worth the risk to lose it all!

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