Going on holiday after a stroke

Going on holiday after a stroke requires medical consultation, thought and planning. This guide gives practical advice for those looking to travel post-stroke, covering crucial aspects such as discussing your condition with your healthcare professional before planning a holiday and the importance of travel insurance.

Can I still go on holiday after a stroke?

Going on holiday after a stroke requires individual advice from your healthcare professional as safety considerations when flying is paramount. Airlines have varying rules on when you can fly after a stroke. It is important to check with your specific airline before travel.

Going on holiday after a stroke might require varying levels of support. Specialist travel agencies can play a crucial role in organising care and equipment, particularly for those with mobility challenges. Holiday plans can be tailored to individual needs, ranging from organised activities to accommodation for independent plans.

Getting around the airport after a stroke

Airports offer facilities for individuals with reduced mobility, which you may be experiencing post stroke. Contacting airlines in advance about specific requirements ensures a smoother airport experience.

Travelling with medication

When travelling with medication you need to be aware of border controls, how to carry your medication and learn how to manage medication when travelling across different time zones.

Can I get travel insurance after a stroke?

Travel insurance is important for covering emergency, unforeseen medical costs whilst on holiday and some levels of cover also give you peace of mind for baggage loss, cancellation and more.

Total Travel Protection is a specialist in providing travel insurance with cover for pre-existing medical conditions including strokes and has no upper age limit. Total Travel Protection uses a different medical screening system to most travel insurance providers with the aim to provide more choice and a broader range of fairer priced travel insurance products to older travellers and those with medical conditions. Total Travel Protection can cover medical conditions of all types, up to a very high level of severity. It is important that you declare all pre-existing medical conditions when you buy travel insurance.

To find out whether your conditions can be covered you will need to complete a medical screening as part of the quotation process. Once declared and accepted, depending on the level of cover you choose, you will have cover in place for emergency medical expenses abroad during your insured trip arising from your existing medical conditions as well as any illness of injury. Gold and Platinum policies offer additional cover benefits such as cancellation cover.