Global destinations for music enthusiasts

Experience the enchanting melodies of these global musical destinations. Let the harmonies of these spots become the soundtrack to your next adventure, enhanced by iconic music museums along the way.

Abba Museum, Stockholm

Listen to the infectious beats of pop music at the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Explore the interactive exhibits that celebrate the legendary Swedish pop group, giving you a glimpse into the phenomenon that shaped the pop music landscape.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Visit the heart of country music – Nashville, Tennessee. From the historic Grand Ole Opry to the vibrant bars on Broadway, this city resonates with the twang of guitars and the heartfelt lyrics of country tunes. Dive into the musical legacy of Patsy Cline at the Patsy Cline Museum and pay homage to the legendary Johnny Cash at the Johnny Cash Museum.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Journey to the vibrant city of Seattle, Washington, and explore The Museum Of Pop Culture (MoPOP). Immerse yourself in the diverse world of pop culture, from music and science fiction to gaming and more. Let the exhibits inspire your passion for creativity and innovation.


Vienna, Austria

Dive into the classical heart of Europe in Vienna. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Vienna State Opera or explore the exhibits at the House of Music. Classical giants Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss all lived and worked in Vienna.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Jazz up your travel experience by visiting New Orleans, Louisiana. Stroll down the vibrant streets of the French Quarter. Experience the soulful tunes of trumpets and saxophones. Immerse yourself in the New Orleans Jazz Museum and explore the rich history of the city's unique musical culture.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg offers a harmonious blend of classical and contemporary melodies. Explore the birthplace of Mozart and visit the Mozart Residence or head to the House of Nature for insights into the musical wonders of the region. Step onto the sing-along Sound of Music tour which tours filming locations such as the Mirabell Garden and Nonnberg Convent.

Liverpool, UK

Step into the iconic city of Liverpool, birthplace of the legendary Beatles. The Beatles have left an indelible mark on the music world. Visit The Beatles Story Museum, and feel the magic of the Cavern Club, a legendary venue that played a pivotal role in The Beatles' rise to fame.

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