10 Carry-on essentials for personal comfort

Heading on a trip is exciting but airport security and the actual flight itself can feel like a hassle! Keep essentials in your carry-on: Important items like medication, crucial documents, and a change of clothes should always be in your carry-on. This way, you're covered even if your checked baggage takes a detour.

Check out these 10 must-have items to make your travel experience better and more straightforward.

Eye Mask

Imagine drifting into a peaceful nap mid-flight, undisturbed by cabin lights or your neighbour’s reading lamp. That's the magic an excellent eye mask can weave. Look for one with creases around the nose to ensure optimal coverage. Your future well-rested self will thank you!

Earplugs or Headphones

A crying baby, chatty seatmates, engine noise, or the clattering of the service trolley – these disruptions can turn a peaceful flight into a cacophony. Equip yourself with earplugs or good quality noise-cancelling headphones so that you can go into your own little zone.

Neck Pillow or Travel Pillow

Sleeping upright on a long flight can be a challenge, but not with the right pillow support. Invest in a neck pillow or a versatile travel pillow. You'll thank yourself for this comfort investment as you arrive at your destination well-rested and ready for adventure.

Scarf or Blanket

Airplanes are notorious for their chilly temperatures. Pack a lightweight yet warm scarf or blanket to fend off the in-flight arctic blast. Opt for something lightweight yet warm to save precious space in your carry-on.


Kicking off your shoes can make flying feel more relaxing, keep those toes warm with a pair of comfy socks. For long-haul flights, consider compression socks to promote healthy blood flow, reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Comfort and health, a win-win!


Despite the digital age, a pen remains a classic travel essential. Fill out customs forms, scribble thoughts in your travel journal, or fill in a crossword or wordsearch to pass time or the journey. The humble pen is a versatile!

Comfort on plane


Combat the dry airplane air by staying hydrated. Purchase a bottle of water from the airside shop post-security, as liquids are not currently allowed through security.


Airlines these days provided limited meal services compared to golden age of travel. Pack a selection of protein-rich snacks in your carry-on to fuel your journey.

Baby Wipes

Stay fresh and clean with a pack of baby wipes. Perfect for quick refreshers and spills, baby wipes are a travel essential for any journey.

Portable Charger

In this digital age, a charged phone is essential. It can keep you entertained on the flight, be used for photos on board and more importantly store travel QR codes and digital reservation confirmations. Bring a portable charger to ensure all your devices stay charged.

Travel Insurance

Total Travel Protection offers travel insurance with no upper age limits and cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

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