Summer holiday peak starts with ‘no problems’ at airports

Thu. 4th August 2022

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Summer holiday peak started with 'no problems' at airports

Great news if you are thinking of booking a last-minute break this summer or are looking forward to an Autumn getaway. Airports and airlines are reporting that the first 2 weekends of the summer peak have passed without problem.

It looks like the additional measures the travel industry put in place after the disruption some holiday makers experienced earlier in the year have done the trick, with flight disruption being limited over the past 2 weeks.

According to the Airport Operators Association the 2nd weekend of the summer holidays has passed with ‘no problems’, with a spokes man confirming that it has been relatively calm.

Travel agents are also reporting that their clients’ journeys have been problem free.

Sutton Travel’s managing director stated, “Feedback from clients is that going through the airport is smoother and problems have been addressed”.

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