Save money on holiday: Think exchange rates

Thu. 9th November 2023

Vietnam's enchanting town of Hoi An has clinched the title of the most budget-friendly long haul holiday destination, according to the latest survey by the Post Office. If you're gearing up for a long-haul winter escapade, stretching your hard-earned money becomes paramount. Assessing the exchange rates is a savvy way to make the most out of your holiday budget.

Hoi An, where your holiday money goes further

Hoi An, where your holiday money goes further

This year's Travel Money Long-Haul Holiday Report by the Post Office reveals the places where your money will go further – owing to the surge in the pound's value, holidaymakers can anticipate getting more for their money at their chosen destinations. A whopping 88% of the surveyed destinations are now more affordable, making dreams of winter sun all the more attainable.

The Far East beckons as an oasis of budget-friendly options, with five out of the top ten affordable resorts and cities nestled in this vibrant region. Hoi An, Vietnam, steals the spotlight for the second consecutive year, boasting a mere £52.66 expenditure for a basket of essential tourist items, including a delectable three-course dinner for two and assorted drinks. Surprisingly, Hoi An is 11% cheaper than its closest competitors, Mombasa Beach in Kenya and Cape Town in South Africa.

Bali, Tokyo, and Sharm el-Sheikh are other hotspots emerging strong in the affordability realm. Among the 30 destinations scrutinized, Barbados and New York emerged as the priciest, with basket prices of £169 and £152 respectively, although these figures have dropped since the previous year.

Interestingly, long-haul resorts seem relatively unaffected by the price inflation witnessed in domestic and European sectors. This, coupled with the favourable exchange rates, make globetrotting a more economically viable option this winter.

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