Medical screening with a difference - you could get a better price!

Mon. 10th October 2022

If you've ever shopped around for medical travel insurance, you'll know that most travel insurance providers use the same medical screening system when you get a quotation.

To give holiday makers and travellers a choice and to help them get fair priced travel insurance, we do things differently. We use a different medical screening technology which aims to speed up the process and could give you a better price.

That’s why you won’t find us on price comparison sites.

You can still get a quotation in minutes and complete your medical screening online or by phone, but we will ask you different questions (probably less questions) and assess your medical conditions in a different way to provide you with appropriate cover.

This is the difference it made to some of our customers who have recently left 5-star reviews:

" having gotten quotes from a few companies' filling in your life history it came as a pleasant relief to find that this company only ask questions that apply to you. I found it very easy to get a result and a premium that very fair I would recommend this company to anybody."

Paul Brady - 5 Stars on Trustpilot (see the review)

" I have pre existing medical conditions and received a quote almost £100 more expensive than the one from Total Travel Protection for the same cover. The assistant was extremely helpful too. Would recommend."

Marion - 5 Stars on Trustpilot (see the review)

" I was getting frustrated at the premiums being asked by certain insurance companies re: pre-existing illnesses, this company offered the best deal, at a reasonable price actually £400 cheaper than Saga for a weeks holiday. Easy to contact and staff very efficient."

Anthony Penney - 5 Stars on Google Reviews (see the review)

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