France removes all Covid entry restrictions

Thu. 4th August 2022

Holidays in France
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a popular tourist attraction in France

There has been more good news for holiday makers this week, as Covid-19 travel restrictions continue to be dropped or relaxed around the world.

France is the latest to announce the removal of all Covid-19 entry restrictions, regardless of your vaccination status, making it much easier for UK holidaymakers to enter the country.

Since 1st August all visitors have been able to enter France without having to show proof of vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test or complete any Covid-19 related forms.

The rule change applies to mainland France and each of the French overseas territories.

Before these latest changes visitors were required to show proof of a completed vaccination course or booster within the previous 9 months, or proof of a negative test. Plus, everyone had to complete a sworn statement confirming they were not infected.

France has also dropped the requirement for people to wear face masks in health establishments, although they are still recommended.

Other countries to recently remove Covid-19 restrictions or open up more to tourists include New Zealand which announced at the end of July that is now fully open for visitors.

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